Involve and DeepMind ran a series of three half-day roundtables in Autumn 2018 concentrating on public engagement, ethics, and artificial intelligence. ​

Given how many public engagement projects have launched recently on topics like automated decision-making and machine learning, these roundtables were designed to support those actively engaging on these topics, and to identify how best to bring forward the public voice to reach these decision-makers.

Through these roundtables we hoped to enable governments, industry, civil society and academia to take into account public aspirations and concerns in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

The roundtables focused in particular on public engagement around automated-decision making in public services and stakeholders engaged with the question of how to have an effective public debate about ethics and artificial intelligence.

This report 'How to stimulate effective public engagement on the ethics of artificial intelligence' outlines the findings and participant recommendations for working towards sustained public engagement on AI. For more information about the project, please visit the project page.