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Tag Archive for "good_practice"

A hand holding a pair of scales, creative commons SouthernFried

Weight of the argument

June 7, 2011 – Edward Andersson

Many people working in consultation have noted that those who are happy with a proposal are much less likely to make a submission than those who are negatively impacted. It is far easier to get a petition going opposing a development than it is supporting one and most referendums end up supporting the status quo…

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Sign with text "Dead End" -Creative Commons (Attribution, non-commercial) by pblair

How to waste public funds and alienate voters

April 11, 2011 – Edward Andersson

Craig Newmark the Founder of Craigslist has a leadership principle that I subscribe to; he claims that often the most important thing an organisation can do is to ‘Get out of the way’. The Craigslist web design encapsulates this, ugly perhaps, but intensely functional. In web design it is easy for ambitious and well-meaning designers…

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