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Tag Archive for "voting"

Whatever the vote, it’s time for something different

June 10, 2016 – Simon Burall

This letter in the Guardian, from Professor Giles from the University of Nottingham, highlights the folly of referendums. The challenge he lays down to parliament is to determine what the country is voting for if the result on the 24th June is to leave the EU: “the referendum question does not specify the range of…

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Ed Mayo on Radio 4’s the Moral Maze: The transcript

February 18, 2015 – Amy Pollard

This is the transcript of our chair of Trustees, Dr Ed Mayo, appearing on BBC Radio 4's flagship programme for moral debate, the Moral Maze, on Wednesday 18th February.  The subject of the programme was whether it is immoral to be apathetic about politics. (Section with Ed Mayo begins at 19 mins, 41 secs) Michael Buerk…

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Is it a moral duty to vote?

February 17, 2015 – Tim Hughes

Tomorrow evening our Chair of Trustees, Ed Mayo, is entering the lions' den of the Radio 4's Moral Maze to discuss whether or not it's a moral duty to vote. In true participatory style, we want to hear your thoughts. Is it a moral duty to vote? Should we introduce compulsory voting? What are the alternatives?…

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Reforms needed to re-engage public with politics and elections – Political and Constitutional Reform Committee

November 14, 2014 – Tim Hughes

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has launched a report and a public consultation on reforms to the voting system to re-engage British people with politics and elections. The Committee is inviting views on a range of proposals, including making voting compulsory, extending the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds, and greater decentralisation and…

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Pathways through Participation

November 30, 2011 – Tim Hughes

Pathways through Participation was a two and a half year (April 2009 - November 2011) qualitative research project, which aimed to improve our understanding of how and why people participate, how their involvement changes over time, and what pathways, if any, exist between different activities.

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