About us

Involve is a think tank and charity specialising in public participation. Our mission is to inspire, innovate and embed effective citizen engagement, so that members of the public are able to take and influence the decisions that affect their lives.

We are a different kind of think tank.  Rather than selling new ideas and moving on, we work in partnership – with government, other organisations and citizens – to do deeply transformative work.

Involve are neutral, honest brokers in complex areas of policy and practice.  We are non-partisan with no party-political affiliation.

Involve supports organisations, politicians and public officials to transform the way they engage with citizens. We can provide you and your organisation with:

  • Research – We can carry out cutting edge research on what works and what doesn’t in participation.
  • Design and facilitation – We can work with you to develop a constructive conversation with citizens and stakeholders.
  • Advice and mentoring – We can give you guidance and advice on developing participation opportunities.
  • Training – We can provide bespoke training so that you can confidently engage with citizens and stakeholders.
  • Evaluation – We can work with you to rigorously evaluate public participation processes and to create a culture of self-evaluation and learning within your organisation.

Through this work we seek to radically shift the relationship between citizens and their governments to make better use of the creativity, energy, resources, skills and knowledge of all.


Registered Charity No – 1130568
Registered Company No – 05669443


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