Alison Crowther


Alison Crowther is currently a consultant and trainer in the fields of positive psychology, conflict resolution, and stakeholder and public engagement with over 18 years experience working with central and local government, business and the third sector.  Her first project was the disposal of Shell’s Brent Spar and went on to cover many nuclear and decommissioning issues, waste, water and new technologies.

Happiness is key to Alison’s work, encouraging deeper connection with others and with nature to form more resilient systems – be they at work or in the community.  She coaches people through creative and engaging processes from strategy workshops or government policy on risk to flood- themed street parties, creating real change on the ground.

She is a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist working for the UK Government’s Sciencewise programme, advising how to work with the public to create new policy on really difficult science and ethical issues such as Space Weather, bio-energy and communicating flood risk – all of which have a habit of hitting the headlines...

As well as coaching and mentoring, Alison key focus at the moment is training others in the skills of public and stakeholder engagement.  This can be done within teams in an organization, around a project or as an open course.   The key skills are transferable to all aspects of project and team work many within the home and community too. 

Alison has a degree in Music, a Masters in Psychology, a Diploma in environmental technology and Public Heatlh  and a deep interest in the emerging field of Positive Psychology  – to which end she dances with a Samba Band!