Anna Beckett


Anna is passionate about giving people a voice through research and engagement, with a particular interest in enabling people to talk about policy issues in a meaningful way. With over twenty years' experience delivering high quality research, engagement and consultation she has expertise utilising a broad suite of methods (qualitative, quantitative and deliberative, dialogue) with a diverse range of audiences. She is also an experienced evaluator. 

Most of Anna’s work is for public sector and voluntary sector clients. She often works in the health and environment sectors, but always loves the opportunity to learn about something new and so enjoys working on a wide range of topics. Recent projects include desk research into what are the opportunities for public engagement in climate change, evaluating the impact of Sciencewise dialogues, facilitating events to develop a local nature plan and exploring approaches to capability building in the health and care sector. Her favourite part of the job is facilitating workshops – getting out and talking to people is what makes the job interesting!