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Our online training masterclasses

Published on

6 Feb 2024


Our next schedule of online masterclasses will launch in summer 2024. 

Our 3 hour interactive online sessions are open to all and offer the chance to develop your skills and understanding of participatory, dialogue and deliberative public engagement processes, facilitation skills, and equitable engagement.

Our training offer is based on our two decades of experience delivering participatory, dialogue and deliberative public engagement processes that work for both commissioning institutions, and the members of the public and stakeholders they want to engage.


Facilitation Skills: Develop your understanding of the underpinning principles of facilitation and the role of a facilitator, and build your confidence in setting up the conditions for constructive conversations.

Public Engagement 101: This interactive course will introduce the language and theory of public engagement, explore the benefits and risks of engagement, and get you started on planning your next engagement process.

Equitable Engagement: Dive into this exploration of issues of power and privilege in engagement processes, and learn about methods and approaches to make your engagement more accessible.

If you have any questions on the classes or if you have suggestions for other masterclass topics, please email [email protected]

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