Image of Hackney Marshes.

Hackney’s Citizens’ Climate Jury makes their recommendations

Published on

17 May 2024


 …By listening to and understanding their personal experiences and local insights, we can continue to ensure that our Climate Action Plan considers those most at risk and really works for our residents.

Cllr Mete Coban MBE

Hackney’s first ever Citizens’ Climate Jury has completed, with local residents making recommendations on the ways that Hackney can prepare, adapt and respond to extreme heat in a way that is fair and works for everyone. 

Hackney’s Citizens’ Jury included 15 local people, who have developed recommendations around themes such as: greening, vulnerable groups; new builds; communications and community engagement; hospital care; and upgrading existing buildings. 

Through this work, Hackney have set an example for how citizens' should be included in decisions around complex and controversial issues like our response to climate change. By bringing in the informed judgement of the public, it can help decision makers to tackle these issues and create policy that is rooted in the perspective and hopes of the public, helping to form policy that is more likely to work on the ground.

 …If I can manage to create a little change in my little borough, in my little part of London, then if Hackney can achieve it, what can other boroughs achieve?

Jury member, Addie.

Keep an eye on our website and socials around July for Hackney Council and their partners to publish their response to the Jury’s recommendations. They’ll also include how the recommendations will be taken forward as part of their undertaking towards a healthier borough and future.

Read more about our Citizen’s Climate Jury with London Borough of Hackney here and more from Hackney Council here