Jersey Assisted Dying Citizens’ Jury Initial Report Published

By Charlotte Obijiaku

Project Officer

Published on

22 Jun 2021


On Tuesday 22 June, the Jersey Minister for Health and Social Services published the initial recommendations of the Jersey Assisted Dying Citizens’ Jury.

These show that 78% of Jury members agree assisted dying should be permitted in Jersey under the following circumstances:

  • where a Jersey resident, aged 18 or over, has a terminal illness or is experiencing unbearable suffering and wishes to end their life
  • subject to stringent safeguards including a pre-approval process; a mandatory period of reflection and consideration; with the direct assistance from doctors or nurses only, as opposed to non-medically qualified staff.

Photo by prananta haroun on Unsplash

The Jury was established by the Minister to provide the States Assembly of Jersey with an understanding of the community’s position on the ethical, medical and legal considerations associated with assisted dying. The Jury consisted of 23 islanders selected at random to provide a broadly representative sample of the Island’s population.

“I would like to thank the Citizens’ Jury for their time and their commitment to this sensitive and complex issue. It is important to recognise that I am publishing the recommendations of the Citizens’ Jury, not the stated position of Government.” 

Deputy Richard Renouf, Minister for Health and Social Services

A full report is due in September 2021 with the aim of a States Assembly debate taking place before the end of the year.

The jurors deliberated the issue of assisted dying over 10 Jury sessions in Spring 2021. They heard from a range of witnesses and experts from around the world, and with different perspectives on the matter to ensure a balance of views. Involve’s role was to independently facilitate the sessions and the process was overseen by an Independent Advisory Panel.

“Having overseen the design of the Citizen’s Jury and having observed the delivery of the sessions, we can confirm that it is our view that the Jury process was appropriate, balanced and robust.” 

A spokesperson from the Independent Advisory Panel

Guest speaker presentations and the Independent Advisory panel’s meeting can be reviewed here.

You can read the Initial Report here and find out more about the project on our webpage here.

We look forward to sharing another blog post once the final report is published. This will reflect on our experience delivering this Jury, including working closely with Mind Jersey to support participants.