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Building Change Trust, Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
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In Autumn 2018, Involve will convene Northern Ireland’s first Citizens’ Assembly. This democratic innovation will put Northern Irish citizens at the heart of decision making on an important regional issue.

Citizens’ assemblies have been successful around the world at opening up the space for political consensus on challenging issues.  The citizens’ assembly in the Republic of Ireland – established by the Irish Parliament – has addressed challenging issues facing Irish society,  including equal marriage and abortion rights.

The Citizens’ Assembly for Northern Ireland will bring together 50 to 100 citizens, representative of the Northern Irish population, over two weekends in the Autumn. They will hear from experts, deliberate and reach recommendations, which will be put to decision-makers and inform the public debate.

As well as helping to break the deadlock on the issue in question, it is intended that the Citizens’ Assembly demonstrate a model that can be adopted by the Northern Irish Executive, Assembly, and/or Office to address further contested issues.

Who’s Involved

The Citizens’ Assembly is funded by Building Change Trust and the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.


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