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London Borough of Waltham Forest; The Democratic Society; The Sortition Foundation
February to March 2020
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The Waltham Forest Citizens' Assembly brought together 45 people representing the diversity of the Waltham Forest community during February and March 2020 to look at the issue of hate incidents in the borough.

The citizens' assembly aimed to find ideas for ending hate incidents and making the borough of Waltham Forest equally safe and welcoming for everyone. Assembly members were asked to respond to the following citizens' assembly question:

Waltham Forest is a diverse and vibrant borough, however hate incidents are on the rise across London. How can we work together to stop hate and ensure everyone can feel equally welcome and safe in our Borough?

The recommendations of the citizens' assembly are currently being written up into an assembly report, which will be presented to the council and its partners in June. They will then use those recommendations to help find ways to address the problem of hate incidents. The members of the Assembly will be involved and updated as they try to do this. 


Waltham Forest has a proud history of welcoming people to live there, with 86% of residents agreeing that it is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. But there’s been an unprecedented rise in hate incidents across the UK.

Waltham Forest Council say:

"We know that our diversity is our strength in Waltham Forest and it’s our responsibility to champion the diverse voices in the borough to stop hate and build a community where everyone is equally welcome and safe. We hope the Citizens' Assembly will help us do that."

We are working with The Democratic Society to deliver the assembly, and with the Sortition Foundation to recruit the assembly members.


For more information, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the Council website.