Annual Report 2021/22


In recent years, the UK has faced a number of challenges to our democratic system. From how to implement the result of the Brexit referendum, to questions of who has the mandate to call a second Scotland Independence Referendum, our democracy is coming under significant pressure. Added to the longer trends of increasing distrust and disengagement, and a context where authoritarianism is now a part of our global politics, our democracy is in desperate need of renewal.

The silver lining? The public still expects a lot from the idea of democracy. There remains a broad consensus that democracy, in addition to guaranteeing free, fair, competitive elections and protecting civil liberties, should protect people against poverty and involve citizens in decision-making (as shown in British Social Attitudes here). And, practical ways to deliver on this ambition are being demonstrated everywhere. From the 600+ successful Citizens’ Assemblies that have taken place in recent years across the world, to the Democrat Party in the USA ‘putting democracy on the ballot’ in the midterms and holding the senate against the odds, there is an increasing realisation that we need to build a democracy fit for the 21st Century.​

With a mission to lead the UK in making participation and deliberation an everyday part of democracy, and to help solve the challenges of the 21st century, we are helping build a democracy fit for the future.

Read our 2021/22 Annual Report to see how our work this year has helped to make this stronger, more vibrant democracy possible.