Play by the rules: using citizens' juries to improve and enforce rules for MPs


Trust between citizens, politicians, and political institutions is vital for a healthy democracy. And yet, distrust has become the norm, made worse by political scandals and a perceived lack of accountability. This sits against a backdrop of rising authoritarianism, growing polarisation, and declining voter participation.

We need to rebuild public trust in politics, to safeguard the democracy we have and build the democracy of the future. This will take a generational effort. It requires our politics to better include and deliver for people across the UK. That is why we are calling for politics to put citizens at the heart of Westminster. This will help ensure decisions are better rooted in the experiences and ideas of people from different walks of life, and rebuild trust. One way to do this is by introducing citizens’ juries, who are reflective of the public, to improve and enforce rules for MPs.

This proposal is part of a wider programme of proposals to put citizens at the heart of Westminster. More information available soon...

If you believe we need to rebuild trust in politics, and people from all walks of life should have a role to play in this, sign up here and get involved in these discussions. Or, if you think this is a bad idea, and want to let us know why - we’re keen to hear from you too. We don’t have all the answers - we need your ideas and energy too!

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