Report on Greater London Authority/Royal Borough of Greenwich data trust pilot


Involve was tasked with designing a decision-making process for the pilot data trust for the Greater London Authority (GLA)/ Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) as part of its Sharing Cities Programme use cases around energy and mobility.

Through desk research, workshops and interviews with the ODI and RBG/GLA and a small public participant workshop, we developed:

  • A background assessment of deliberative decision-making for a data trust including exploring possible methods and techniques.
  • Early insights into what the public think of data trusts as a concept, highlighting some key issues for consideration.
  • A generic design of a data trust decision-making process for a data trust using data about, or generated by individual members of the public, with an emphasis on where deliberative methods might best be used.

Our key learnings and recommendations are contained in this report (link below to download).

You can also access the report via the ODI website, along with all the other reports as part of this research: