What does the standard say?




6. Open

  • The recruitment methodology, advisory group membership, speaker lists, agendas and briefing materials are published in full

  • The process plan / design is published

  • The assembly’s conclusions are published in full

  • Decision-makers publicly respond to the recommendations

  • All evidence sessions are live-streamed

Should I invite people to observe the citizens' assembly? 

Yes!  It is a really good ideal to have spaces available for Observers.  Observers, however, sit at the back of the room and do not interact with assembly members or listen in to deliberations at tables.  Being an Observer can help with people seeing the process in action and add to an understanding of its legitimacy.  

Media can be invited but we recommend that this is thought through in terms of: 

  • Ensuring that you have the consent of your assembly members to appear in photos before any media are present and that media work does not unduly interfere with the process of deliberations; 

  • Putting an embargo on reporting on the content (whilst encouraging reporting on the process) of the assembly before final recommendations have been made as this could unduly influence the deliberations and mean outcomes are not reported in their entirety.